Why do group therapy?

Among the many benefits, this modality is particularly effective as it:
  • provides real life interaction with others, creating the possibility for live feedback, and in-the-moment learning
  • "exercises a different muscle than individual therapy," and can be used in addition to, or instead of individual therapy.
  • allows member to member feedback which at times can be more powerful than therapist to member feedback.
  • costs 1/2 to 1/3 the price of individual treatment

Adult Psychodynamic Group/ Interpersonal Group

This is an ongoing support and process group for high functioning adults ages 25 -70.  This group is well suited for people who are working through any of a variety of issues including: relationships, career decisions, life transitions, mental health concerns, assertiveness, personal growth, etc.

Adult Social Phobia Group

This group is for adults who experience severe social anxiety. Treatment includes three modules: mindfulness-informed skills, the mechanics of conversation, and integration/daily practice. Members are invited to participate in skill building, role plays, exposure, giving and receiving support from each other, etc. 

Group Therapy