Dr. Levy's approach is an integration of various schools of psychological thought, taking what he has found to be most effective from each. Among the traditions he uses are the following:

Psychodynamic—is what is commonly thought of in our culture when people mention therapy. This often involves looking at current events and patterns in one’s life and seeing how they relate to patterns that were created during youth.  Contrary to popular idea, today’s psychodynamic work can focus much in the present.

CBT—Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a treatment that was developed by Dr. A. Beck, and combines working with one’s thoughts, or cognitions, with behavior techniques, which include homework or skills, which help to facilitate change. CBT and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy, see below) are very present-focused therapies, that tend not to explore too much about one’s history.

DBT—Dialectical Behavior Therapy. This treatment, developed by  Dr. Marsha Linehan, is largely based on CBT, and also incorporates an emotional component.  This treatment was originally developed to work with people with Borderline personality disorder, who typically show difficulty tolerating and regulating emotional states, have a diffuse identity, tense relationships with those around them, and often engage in self injury or suicide attempts.  While this treatment was created for this population it is quickly being recognized for its utility for a variety of diagnoses, as well for the general population.

Positive Psychology—this is a relatively new field that, in contrast to many treatments that focus on the trouble spots in one’s life, instead focuses on the strengths.  This includes building self esteem and feeling better. 

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation-- first developed over 2000 years ago by Buddhist monks. These non-religious techniques involve awareness of the present moment with non-judgment. Many other therapies are starting to incorporate mindfulness techniques into treatment, as clients tent to find them helpful for a variety of concerns.
Dr. Levy's Approach

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