"With the rising cost of living, and harsh economic times, who wants to pay for therapy out-of-pocket when I've already paid for health insurance?  Why don’t I just find another clinician who will take my insurance?"

     While these are reasonable and important questions, there are many reasons why some prefer to pay out-of-pocket.     

1. While clients are clearly making a time investment by attending therapy, many people who pay out-of-pocket tend to bring their investment to a significantly deeper level.  They tend to make better use of the time, and are more strongly motivated to bring their emotions and thoughts into their work. These all tend to result deeper, quicker, and more meaningful change.

2. Custom Fit: Some do not want their insurance company to dictate how frequently they can come, the course of treatment, or when they are finished.

3. Some clients feel more comfortable knowing that there is not a third-party privy to their personal life. Moreover, while our increased use of technology has had great benefits, it also leads to greater risk of information breach.  In recent years is not uncommon to hear in the news of electronic data (ie: credit card, social security numbers, etc.) being stolen. The fewer systems that have access to your information, the less risk there is in breaching your privacy.

4. Some don't want to spend their resources (time, energy, money) communicating with insurance organizations or waiting for reimbursements to take place.

5. Some don't feel comfortable with being diagnosed, and equate this with "being ill."

     Dr. Levy offers a variety of payment options including private pay (check, cash, MasterCard, Visa and some Health Spending Accounts) and insurance. He takes all Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans except for Medicare. He also is an "Out-Of-Network" Provider for most PPO plans (such as Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Aetna, Cigna, etc).

Payment Options